a comment-free blog.

we heard yet another 
at church.

we are so blessed by the truth 
that is spoken at our church.
so, so, so blessed.

the words cut my heart 
(of course)
and have changed my mindset.
each time, 
each week, 
my heart is urged to point more towards Christ 
and to focus less 
on all the other things that that don't matter.
the things that i do each day 
to fill my heart and mind
that are not of God.

when we pursue anything other than God, 
we think we are being filled up 
but in the end, 
we are left 
wanting more.
desiring more.
wanting and desiring ungodly things.
it's this ugly monster that we feed.
that we feed to our hearts.

our pastor talked about our daydreams.
my daydreams.
where my mind goes when it has a free moment.
he talked about the 
approval and
that we get.
that i get.
from those daydreams.
from those other things
that are not God.

my love language is words of affirmation.
and i don't want to feed that monster anymore. 
i don't want to go anywhere else for my security.
anywhere besides God.

everyone is worshiping something.
i want to keep God on the throne.
and God alone.
and i want to be changed.
i think what we all want is a lasting change. 

i want to renew my heart.
i want to respond to Him.
i want my treasure and my value to be from Him. 

this blog is now going to be a comment-free blog.
i was so inspired by this blog.
i have thought for a few months 
that i should implement this to my very own blog.
and after hearing this sermon, 
i knew that i could not go one more day without doing this. 

and oh how i love your comments. 
i really, truly adore them.
and that is why i am choosing to say goodbye to the comments.
i just love them too much. 
i know that you understand. 
and you can always email me
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