Friday, January 1, 2010

day one.

happy new year!
this is day one.
day one of fifty nine.

for D's birthday, his grandparents got him this little airplane that hooks onto the ceiling on a fishing line and flies around in circles. both D and K are mesmerized by it.
there are even "landing lights for nighttime flying." you can never be too safe with toys.

this is a funny photo because L usually gives the look that B is giving but for some reason (without any prompting), L's smiling happily while B just looks annoyed. but he wasn't because this was only the second photo i took.

i'm so type A, so i have some goals that i think we can accomplish while on this adventure of going nowhere. one goal is to potty train K. i mean, two whole months at home. this is a dream to any mom who is potty training a toddler. before dinner, K decided she wanted to try to go. success! what came out was one perfectly round and shiny
pink sequin!
i'm nearly positive that it had been trapped in her clothing as there wasn't any other evidence of a successful potty trip.
there's always tomorrow.

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