Sunday, October 17, 2010

ocean breezes.

last weekend, B and i went to my second cousin's wedding.
without any children.
it was almost a date.
well, except for the fact that we carpooled with my parents.
and that there probably wasn't one other place on earth
we could be with more family.
but whatever.
we'll take what we can get these days.

the location for the wedding ceremony was absolutely lovely.
it was outside, amongst the swaying palm trees and ocean breezes.
i told B that if he closed his eyes it was almost as if we were on a tropical island.
with my parents, of course.
and obviously, with a ton of my family members.
but whatever.
it was still a break from reality.
a much loved break.

they had a photo booth at the reception.
B noted that photo booths are this year's chocolate fountains.

B told me to make a serious face in photo 2
but i could see out of the corner of my eye
that he was making a silly face.

we (i) got better and better at making
the appropriate faces with each visit to the booth.
B on the other hand, can keep a straight face like nobody's business.

and this was our interpretation of what happens to you when you have kids.
photo 1: elation
photo 2: confusion
photo 3: anger
photo 4: going cuckoo crazy

381. ocean breezes
382. a night out without the kids
383. ending the night with finding your children happily sound asleep
384. photo booths
385. B making me laugh.
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