Friday, January 28, 2011

He's calling.

you know 
and i know 
that i have mentioned the 
more than once on this little blog. 
but i must mention it again.

every single day, 
this devotional has spoken directly to me.
to me.
i don't know if it is speaking as clearly 
to anyone else going through it, 
but it is as though it is written for me. 
just for me.

every day, 
i am met with exactly what i need to hear
to draw me closer to Him. 

to be in His presence more.
to let go of everything else.

with Jesus Calling, 
it's kind of like Jesus is writing love notes.
to me.

although, i do have to admit that 
for the first time, 
two days in a row, 
i read an entry and didn't feel like He was speaking to me.
but, it turns out that i had accidentally skipped ahead to february.
problem solved.

706. Jesus Calling
707. returning to CBS after not going for two weeks 
708. sleeping for nine hours (thanks to B)
709. worshiping at church last sunday
710. breakfast out
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