Thursday, September 9, 2010


it's {embrace} the camera day!

we had such a great labor day celebrating the end of summer.
B wanted to do something boat related.
so, we did something boat related.

B and me and our little lovebug.

LE, LE, L and me

this was the first boat trip where i thought
we might actually have to jump overboard
to rescue our little daring darling.
luckily, she decided to save that for another trip.

she also thought about going over.

the D club.

he seriously had a good time.

the sweet girls.

the E fam.

she had a good time.

296. my parents who babysat much longer than expected
297. starbucks hazelnut steamer
298. boat cruises
299. pumpkin waffles
300. homemade oatmeal, chocolate chip, butterscotch cookies
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