Friday, September 10, 2010

too cool for school.

D has officially begun his first and last year of preschool
(note, he was enrolled in preschool for a brief time a few years ago).
i couldn't have been happier to hear that his first day was "awesome."

he might just be too cool for school.

K missed him dearly and longs for the day when she can go to school.

L on the other hand, just wants to eat books.

yes, i left him in his high chair for a few moments while i helped K in the bathroom
and what did i come back to?

bits and pieces of wet papers all over his cheeks and hands.

and this is what i saw out my window while i was making dinner the other night.
pure bliss.

301. being able to hear with both of my ears
302. L doing something new nearly every single day
303. the weekend (a.k.a. end of week)
304. our red swing
305. naps while the kids nap
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