Wednesday, February 17, 2010

day forty eight.a very merry unbirthday to you

this is how i found the little man two minutes
after putting him on the floor. apparently he wanted to
watch the olympics like his siblings.

K collecting dandelions for our celebration today.

and doing a little gardening back at home.

we celebrated Auntie B's half birthday today.
presents and cake and singing!
and yes, her hair always looks that good.

K mesmerizing L with her kazoo playing.

was the sun ever shining today! wow.
i was about to feed L solids when i saw this shot from
the kitchen window and ran outside to capture it.

and of course, she followed me.

and here she is happy as a lark swinging with her daddy.
(photo thanks to B)

what a joyful kiddo. sitting right next to the running dishwasher. he was so calm! i now have a reason to actually
do the dishes that are always sitting on the counter.
and fyi the pink bumbo is not his. we're borrowing it from our PT.
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