Wednesday, February 10, 2010

day forty one.head first

we had L's PT at 7:30am this morning.
it's sad when it's not even 9am and you've already done
everything on your calendar for the day.

enjoying her second breakfast.

it's taken a week but we're finally done with this cute little
creation for valentine's day.
i got inspired here.

i n c r e d i b l e
what a gift they are to us.

we put up a world map in preparation for the olympics. i'm not sure D quite understands what they are all about because he said "we are going to decorate our whole house for the olympics!"
or... we could just watch them on tv.
yes, that sounds nice to me.

per this website's suggestion, D and K played with legos
in a plastic tray.
hooray. hooray. hooray.

a, e, i, o and u.
after rest time (i.e. D coming out of the room at least six times in the one hour he is supposed to be in there) we spelled some short words with these great blocks.

photo, not child.
although, he is quite scrumptious.

even though i said she couldn't go in L's jumperoo,
i've got to give her credit for trying.
and no, i don't put him in head first.

the blocks were
when Auntie B came over, we had to clear a path for her.
i wish i was exaggerating.
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