Wednesday, February 3, 2010

day thirty four.valentine's day is 11 days away

we left the house today
and it felt so good.
we headed to airport park where we had a little lunch and watched all sorts of things that aren't in our house.

people think they are twins even though they're 22 months apart (to the day).
he's just little and she's just big.

we brought our own helicopter, planes and runway, of course.

K, doing what else but mugging for the camera.

L, happy to be out of the house.

this afternoon, K and i made smoothies.
D requested a milkshake with ice cream and chocolate sauce.
right, like that would help his behavior.
luckily, K is always happy to help out in the kitchen and didn't balk at the sight of bright green spinach leaves blending away.
we added a whole bunch of other yummy (i.e. healthy) stuff to the mix and the kids and i devoured our smoothies.
my pickiest eater, B, had one sip and not one more.

the big kids went on a walk with B. i was so excited to clean up and get ready for dinner with just one child, who mind you, was about to take his third nap of the day.
that was, until he fussed for thirty minutes.
oh well. doesn't that always happen?
yes, it does.
and when did cleaning up and getting ready for dinner with just one child become an "exciting" task?
when baby number three came into the picture.
that's when.

first of all, i must say that i am not a fan of photos of cooked food.
not one bit.
but, i had to take a photo of our pizza dinner.
and no, this wasn't an overt clue to B that valentine's day is just around the corner. the heart shape was completely accidental.
i swear!

a sweet post-dinner moment.

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