Monday, February 8, 2010

day thirty nine.thirty nine days

thirty nine days.
that's a long time.
i wish i could say it has flown by,
it hasn't.

what fun we had with the toys in our toy bin... or just our toy bin.

you know it's a good day when you find bumbos on the head.

i allowed D and K to each have two patriotic tattoos but reminded them that they will never be getting real ones.
at one point, K cried because when she put her socks on she "couldn't see the birdie!"

one of my sisters sent me the link to this incredible blog.
and let me say incredible.
we had much success with our first activity which you can find here. i told B that i needed a couple of minutes tonight to prep for tomorrow. he asked what was happening tomorrow. i replied "it's tuesday." you can never be too prepared.
well, i can't.
i don't know about you.

my gram sent the kids valentine kits. i saved them for a few days until we really needed them. today was the day!

he very carefully decided where to place everything (of course).
and yes, he is wearing a tutu.

she on the other hand...

p l e n t y
of glue.

i was trying to capture her excessive amount of glue but she wouldn't quit forcing her face into my camera until i took a photo of her.

here he is with some squash. he cried today when he ate the last bite of sweet potatoes. that's my boy.
(sorry for the terrible blur)
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