Saturday, February 6, 2010

day thirty seven.walk

we had a rough start to the morning.
but, as the weather improved so did the attitudes (including mine) in our home.

how can D look so serious in a hat like that?

there was a lot of coloring done on this rainy day.
and i mean a lot.

for example, here is a picture D made of me.
and what am i doing, you ask?
apparently what i do all day long, according to him.
i'm sitting on the couch.
yep, that is his impression of his mommy.
i'm honored.

we needed some good family time this afternoon
so we went for a walk.

sweet L gearing up to cry his little eyes out so that he wouldn't have to (heaven forbid) stay in his stroller with one block to go.

my biggest kid on the neighbor's rope swing.

we came home, popped some popcorn and watched
half of this glorious little film.
and now, all is right in our home.
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