Monday, February 1, 2010

day thirty two.obedience

Little L started and ended the day the same way.

chomping, chomping, chomping

K loves to pose for the camera. it's so hard to get a photo of her when she's unaware that i'm there with my camera.

for instance.

those blue eyes!
neither B nor i have blue eyes.

my little ballerina.
oh, not the right kid.

my little ballerina.

during one of many timeouts today, D slammed his door. so, B removed the door to the big kids' room. this way there wasn't anything to slam. my parents did the same thing for me when i was 14 years old. you can read more about that on page 19 in here. and yes, i am concerned that D is doing this and he's only four.

of course, as bedtime was nearing, we realized the door was still off. so, B promptly put it back on explaining that he had hoped D learned his lesson. of course, D much preferred having his door off so after begging B to leave it on, he started acting up hoping to get it taken away again. as i type this, the door is firmly back in place and all three kids are sound asleep (and it's only 7:21pm).

this beautiful mess is what one little boy did in response to
B taking the door off.

chomping, chomping, chomping

it's so amazing how my desire is for D to be obedient to B and me and yet i so easily forget how difficult it is
for me to be obedient to God.

something that B read to me today which i found inspiring:
"self-control is the most exhilarating of pleasures."
William F. Buckley Jr.'s Let Us Talk of Many Things

something even more inspiring:
"If you love me, you will obey what I command."
John 14:15
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