Sunday, February 7, 2010

day thirty eight.f-o-x

we sang worship songs again on this beautiful sunday morning.

L, in awe of his daddy.

his instrument of choice.
as you can see, he chose to chew on it rather than shake it.

she rocked out.
if music is playing, she is dancing.

harmonica-man in disguise.

our house.

spring may have sprung.
there wasn't a cloud in the sky today.

one of my new favorite photos.
don't you just love a good polka dot and stripe combo?

in honor of super bowl sunday, we picked up cookies from our favorite place. it's great when you can think of a celebration as to why you should get those cookies.
there's always something we can find to celebrate.

D read the "FOX" at the top of the movie theater and it reminded me of that scene in "You've Got Mail." yeah, you know the one.
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