Sunday, January 31, 2010

day thirty one.robots

today was robot day.
what is robot day, you may ask?
a little something i came up with while not sleeping last night (thanks to L).

D coloring his robot he named "red."
(yes, he used a blue marker to color the robot.)

K scribbling on, i mean coloring her robot.

my two robots.
K's hat looked a little viking-ish but she didn't seem to mind.
the costumes lasted for about three and a half minutes.

then, a foil snowball fight ensued.
robot plates.

as you can see, broccoli was a big hit.

i received this ransom note which read:
"mom, can you please tell me when rest time is over?"

we worked on self-portraits.

apparently, some heard me say "draw on self"

we played house.

i shot some scrumptious eyelashes.

then, i got caught.

one month down.
one to go.
(i hope).
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