Monday, January 18, 2010

day to find your pants

at 6:22am this morning, God heard my prayer when i asked Him to have all three children sleep for one more hour. our family of five started our day at 7:48am.
that has
never. ever.
happened before.

what a perfect day to sleep in.
well, let's be honest. any day is a perfectly good day to sleep in.

it was so calm today.
nothing terribly exciting or horrifying happened.

the rain drenched chalk, lined up in our door mat.

my friend, BA, says that everything needs a place.
this really is the perfect place for these.

to get through the afternoon, puppy chow was devoured.

and while the other two children slept, D took these.

how is his photo so much better than mine?

D and K put cups out in the rain this morning and then painted with watercolors this afternoon. K painted for about fourty-three seconds and D was creating artwork to line every inch of our walls for an hour.

Auntie B visited and it was lovely, of course.

and D shared these wise words with me:
"hey momma, the next time you can't find your shoes...
look under your pants."
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