Tuesday, January 26, 2010

day twenty six.error 99

after watching the kids this morning
(and yesterday morning, and tomorrow morning)
while i tour preschools, B says to me "three kids is really hard."
why he thought he needed to share that with me...
i am completely aware of how difficult three kids are.
but, i'd still like another one or two more.

this is B right before i was about to leave this morning. maybe it was the thought of me being gone for a few hours.
or, maybe it was the curious george book K was reading to him.

D and i were lying on the couch this afternoon and i looked up at our tree in the front yard. for the first time this season, it looked like winter outside.

D convinced me to let him open the window for a few minutes so he could feel the chilly air on his face.

that's all the photos for today because:
boo hoo.
my camera is not working.
i am getting error 99 when i try to shoot.
i've googled it and tried all of the suggested things,
but nothing.
it's going to have to be serviced.
the good news is that my parents live really close to the official service center (and have so kindly offered to take it in for me) and, they've offered to let me use their camera for the time being.
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