Monday, January 25, 2010

day twenty five.hands are not for hitting

the day started out great.

we made MORE valentines with heart shaped sponges

and letters

with red paint,

pink paint

and purple paint.

we busied ourselves until lunchtime

and we talked about love
and the greatest love ever
(which comes from Jesus).

and L looked cute on his blanket
(which he let me put him there for approximately
four and a half minutes the entire day long).

then things started to go sour.
i was impatient.
L was cranky.
K was being two.
D was rambunctious.

K refused her nap (even in her pack 'n play) and
somehow got out of it all by herself.
i couldn't even make a phone call without the kids going all bonkers and hurting each other.

lots of crying.
lots of tears.
lots of time outs.
i even had to read this to a certain two year old girl who
shall remain initial-less.

but then,
B came home and saved the day (as usual) and
K was fast asleep by 6:18pm.
she was really really tired.
and so i am.
but, i was really really tired when the day started.

the end.
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