Tuesday, January 12, 2010

day twelve.dance dance revolution

happy (nearly) seventh month birthday to baby L!

when i was on bedrest in the hospital for six weeks with L, all i kept saying was "just get me to august." i cannot believe that it is january. and, that he is (nearly) seven months old!

last month, i failed to take his six month photos because life was just plain crazy. this month, i did it a day early...
on accident. i only just now realized that it is not in fact L's seventh month birthday. you see, D and K are both born on the 12th of their respective months but L is born on the 13th. i guess this little slip-up reveals how simple our life is becoming.

what a grin!

this is the barn that D made... not for animals but for L.

D and K had an extensive dance party this evening. thanks to L's fun gift from Grammy, the big kids have been thoroughly enjoying the thirty second tunes it plays. they dance differently to each song and i swear that K even does a little western jig for the country song.

somewhere K got the idea that every mommy should wear heels while pushing a stroller.
it looks great, but is it practical?
note: she also stuffs her purse into the stroller
(who can be bothered carrying that around?)
and in doing so, she's covering babydoll with it.

after yet another successful potty trip (dare i say we are on the road to being potty trained?) K told me that since babydoll came into the bathroom with her that she should get an m&m as well.
savvy. very savvy.
didn't happen, but i appreciate the thinking process.

what's more wonderful than the privilege of using
mommy's iphone to play games?
Aunt CC's iphone.
most definitely.

Aunt CC reading to K and asking her things such as,
"what makes popcorn pop?"
while K says the same thing to every question:
"i cannot know it"
(her favorite phrase).

sweet Auntie B (i told you she was mary poppins) brought over a delicious treat for me today.
eucalyptus spearmint relaxing bath salts.
they are just begging to be used.
what a perfect end to any day.
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