Thursday, January 21, 2010

day twenty one.bathing suits

the little sweetness

K disappeared and came back "with my bathing suit on."
well... almost!

L working on his sitting. he's getting close!
all eyes on D who was reading him the book.

when L was crying this afternoon,
i said "what's the matter, boo boo?"
from the other room, D yelled
"i think he's crying because you're calling him boo boo!"
fair enough.

D's makeshift desk

we were all hanging out in the big kids' room
and K was reading a book.
she then said, "who wrote in this book? was it you, D?"
D said, "no, it wasn't me. was it you, K?"
K then said "no, it wasn't me. was it you, L?"
no response.

the seemingly thousands of legos spread everywhere

D's gorgeous eyelashes
(all the kids get them from their daddy)

when the kitchen timer went off this afternoon,
K asked who was in timeout.
nobody was.
the chicken was just done cooking in the oven.

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