Wednesday, January 6, 2010

day six.lollipops

the word of the day this morning on Sesame Street was hibernate.
how appropriate.

B gave D the idea to build an aircraft carrier with his blocks and toys. this went on for hours. very carefully, D added every plane, car and army guy to his monument.

L smiled just as i picked up my camera. what a ham!

here he is hamming it up again! he was in absolute awe of his big brother's creation.

K often frightens L because she's two years old and doesn't realize that she needs to gently speak to and touch her baby brother. when she comes anywhere near him, he starts to cry. i'm serious. i think he's petrified of what would happen to him if i wasn't around but she was. he absolutely adores D though. D has a much more gentle spirit and is calm. i would never describe K as calm. even when she's sound asleep.

right after i took this photo, K scared L. i showed her how to be sweet to him instead of her normal abruptness with him and she became offended by that. so, K decided to completely destroy D's creation. so now, i've got L who's crying because his sister scared him, K who's crying because it made her sad when i corrected her behavior and D who's crying because K destroyed his aircraft carrier. sometimes i think of calling her godzilla but i think the more appropriate term is harry.
like from harry and the hendersons.
she is often misunderstood but she does mean well.

fyi - a laundry basket full of clean clothes is a great place to put down a baby.

everyone, including woody is really into tummy time
at our house.

D has decided that he would like to read. so, while K was napping (and while L should have been napping) D and i read through this book. with a lot of my help, he made it through the first seven pages before begging me to read the rest to him. i can't imagine how learning to read is going to blow his mind. he would read books (or have books read to him)
all. day. long.

around 4pm every day, i am in need of a sugar fix in order to make it until dinnertime. today, i allowed the two big kids to join me.

D chose an orange lollipop, of course.

K didn't care what color hers was.

but, she was a little disturbed by the fact that her face was sticky once she was done.

tomorrow, i get to leave the house
without. one. single. child.
and, i get to have grownup conversations.
i am tickled pink.
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