Wednesday, January 27, 2010

day twenty seven.the scoocher

Uncle Spencie came to play with the kids today.

L is doing a great job at scooching all over his blanket.

without any help, here is how he ended up (he's still smiling).

K with her fabulous outfit, headed outside.

D, busying himself by making art

our big tree has
f i n a l l y
lost all of its leaves.

her curls are incredible. her hair looks this good even without having a bath for a couple days.
i'm so jealous.

during K's (supposed) nap today, i heard some talking. when i went to check on her she was reading books in her pack 'n play. the only thing is that i didn't put any books in her pack 'n play when i put her down for a nap.
well, at least she's self-sufficient.

L and me. why is he so serious?

one of the best parts of the day:
when my hands are empty and B's hands are full.

p.s. i feel so lost without my camera.
sorry iphone, you just don't cut it.
good things the parents are bringing theirs tomorrow.
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