Thursday, January 28, 2010

day twenty eight.blurry

my parents came to watch
all three kids
again today so that i could go to my Bible class.
there's something so spectacular about parking a car
and then just getting out of it.

my mom treated me to a luxurious pedicure today.
and what did i do while enjoying every single moment of it,
you ask?
i emailed a friend about poop.
L's poop to be exact.

this is bella. she is my parents' new dog. she looks like a stuffed animal. a teensy tiny one. i think D and K don't realize that she is a real live dog.

this shot kind of beautiful in a completely out of focus way.

this is L as K is attempting to "wrap him up like a baby"
a.k.a. smother him with the blanket.

this is L giving me that "mommy, help me!" look
as K is driving her car up his tummy.

and this, this is just the cuteness look he gives me
(except when he's cranky).
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