Tuesday, January 5, 2010

day five.revealing the plan.

this morning D and i were playing a game of memory. i was holding L when K decided to sit on my lap so we could read a story. D then decided that he wanted to sit on my lap, too. for a couple of minutes this actually worked. it's moments like this that i'd love a photo of because these are the real moments in my life.

a much happier baby.

the slobber from that much happier baby.

my delicious lunch that seemed much too wonderful for merely a lunch (it was leftovers from dinner, thanks to my sis-in-law),
with my beautiful new placemats (thanks to my mom-in-law).

it really is lovely to find items like these (K's new tutus) in heaps across the floor. it's so nice to have a girly-girl in the fam.

L had pt (physical therapy) today. he's had three weeks off (due to Christmas and the hospital stay) so he was a bit surprised to see his physical therapist. he was angry (and i mean angry) when the session started. at one point i held him to calm him down and when he got a glance of his therapist again, he started to whimper. it is tough watching him have to work so hard sometimes. and i mean really tough. but, i know that it's best for him. i think God must feel that way when we go through tough times. His heart breaks, but He's right there encouraging us and cheering us on.

we've been lucky enough to have visits by Auntie B on two consecutive days. she was in one of the photos that only exists in my head from yesterday. she always brings a little something fun with her. she's kind of like mary poppins. she really is. today, she brought this which B and i will watch tonight.

D creating all sorts of elaborate chalk designs.

the very best part of the day (besides Auntie B visiting, of course) was late this afternoon. we have an incredible backyard filled with all sorts of neat plants like rosemary and sage. it's too bad that B and i don't care much for rosemary or sage. but, two plants our backyard does have that we can really enjoy are lemons and limes. we've made mojitos and homemade lemonade in the past and in a couple weeks we may be able to do it again. i mean, who doesn't love some ice-cold homemade lemonade in mid-january when it's in the 70s outside?

we had to tell D the hibernation plan tonight. after five days, he became suspicious.

i did not take this photo when we told him, but this was
basically his reaction.
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