Monday, January 11, 2010

day eleven.the bedtime staller

here are just a few snapshots of our family get together
this past weekend.

here he is with K
(this is a true photo op as usually L is crying when K holds him)

K and her Uncle N
(who just returned from Iraq)

Aunt CC and L

Another one of Aunt CC and L

Aunt WW and laughing L

my kitchen aid, which i don't think has ever looked more beautiful. look at all that fresh fruit! we have limited counter space so i ditched our fruit bowl long ago and use our mixing bowl now.

while eating dinner tonight, B commented that somehow it seemed calm. i suppose that after being with ten other people, our five seemed rather small.

this afternoon, while K and L were taking great naps and D was playing outside, i got organized. i love to get organized. i can never be too organized.
but at bedtime, because of K's great nap she
would. not. go. to. sleep.
which also meant that she
would. not. let. D. go. to. sleep.
(they share a room)
a great nap is always great until bedtime rolls around. then, you hate yourself for enjoying the quiet so much. i should have woken her up ages before i did because then i would not be putting her back in bed sixteen times.
she's not tired.
i get it.
but i am tired.
and i need to get ready for tomorrow
(or at a minimum, just clean up from dinner).
the one teensy tiny wonderful part was that when she was stalling, she claimed she needed to go potty. well, guess what folks...
she did.
and you better believe she wanted that m&m right there and then.
an m&m and sticker have been promised to her...
first thing in the morning.

B was just asleep on the couch (yes, he is aware that it's only a little after 9pm) and i woke him up so that he could kill a spider.
and he did.
that's a real man for you.
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