Saturday, January 23, 2010

day twenty three.mommy's day out

my parents gave the big kids a huge bucket of craft supplies.
i'm not sure who was happier, the kids or i.
no, that's not true.
i was.

oh, the many wonderful crafts they will do
while i get other things done!

this morning, K got to go on a special date with B.
first stop: (where else?) coffee bean
(and yes, that is her very own gigantic cup of whipped cream)

second stop: the pet store
third stop: trader joe's to do the grocery shopping
she was so happy the rest of the day.
so was i.

L's getting really good at chewing on his toys.
if only he liked solids as much as he likes that giraffe.

Aunt WW (looking gorgeous) with L

today, my sweet sis spent most of the day at our house.
what a treat that was! get this... she even volunteered to watch all THREE children while i got to run errands of my choosing.
D was resting when i left and K and L were sound asleep.

i got into the mini-van i'm driving and started backing up.
i then realized that these days, my sister is driving a cute little two door convertible mercedes (it's not her car but my uncle's... it's complicated). since i wasn't taking one single munchkin with me, why on earth would i not drive that?!
that would have been the worst decision ever.

where does any mom go when she can run errands all by herself (while driving a convertible mercedes)?
target and babies r us, of course!
and yes, it was completely enjoyable.

D's beautiful crayon organization

after i fed L and got him down for the night and was certain the other two were happily on their way to dreamland, i hurriedly drove to the mall a couple blocks away to run a few very short errands. keep in mind, this took days to orchestrate since B has been working late this week. i was shopping in the first store on my list (yes, i always shop with a list) while listening to my headphones (which as a mom is such a rare event) and heard over the loudspeaker something about exiting on the first floor. when i purchased the items (that were on my list), i asked the saleslady if the store was closing and she said yes. i then asked if the entire mall was closing and she also said yes.
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