Sunday, January 3, 2010

day was the perfect day

it was a good day.
(which is one of my fav. books - thanks to my sis-in-law.)
dare i say, it was the perfect day.

sometimes when you are a mother of three children you do things and plan things and experience things and when they are over you say "that was fun!" but most of the time the "fun" is really high pitched and you are just trying to convince yourself that that was actually really truly fun. which it wasn't. then, as you drive back home you find yourself saying things like "well, nobody cried" and then you correct yourself by saying "well, nobody cried that hard." or "i only forgot half the snacks i packed last night, hooray!"

but not today.
today felt like my birthday.
today was actually really truly fun.

you see, B has been writing incessantly for days and weeks and months trying to produce something he can sell. (i'd be a bad wife if i didn't link to the book he wrote.) any day that he "takes off" (and yes, this includes most nights AND weekends) is time lost. plus, even if he does take a day off, he feels so burdened that it's not really a fun day because we both know that he really should be writing. but last last night he finished a draft of something he's been working on. since he can't move forward on it until he gets feedback from some of his buddies, he took the morning off!

we promised D we would go ice skating for his birthday (a few weeks ago) when it warmed up (and yes, i think it was barely drizzling and in the low sixties when we said that). but then the hospital stay happened and then Christmas and well, you know how it goes. this morning was so perfectly beautiful when we woke up that we decided that today was the day. the rink had just opened and was mostly deserted. lucky for B (who was in charge of K and L while D and i skated), L slept in the stroller.

birthdays were on the brain today because it is my niece's seventh birthday. since we were also reminiscing about D's birthday, i thought it would be fun if the kids blew out candles in their
heart-shaped sandwiches at lunch.

then, i got to eat the most delicious sandwich (thanks to B who went to the store - 2 stores to be exact - last night) while EVERYONE in the house slept (well, D was "resting"). it was lovely. i listened to a playlist my sister gave me and laughed because even though we exchanged playlists, we both gave each other the exact same song. okay, two of the exact same songs.

after i drank all of my water (because like i mentioned, i like rules) i then ate two frozen homemade cookies (thanks again to B). those of you who come over often know exactly what i am talking about. and for those of you who don't like milk (you know who you are) i think you are really missing out.

nothing could have really made this lunchtime break bad... even D needing to use the potty. even that couldn't ruin it. i sometimes tell B that i just need ten minutes to myself each day. in truth, i'd really even settle for just eight minutes. usually that conversation happens when i haven't had
one. single. minute. to myself.
but today, wow. today, i wasn't even counting the minutes because it was just the perfect amount of minutes.

L chewing on his clothing (his new favorite pastime)

this whole two month project thing doesn't feel so terrible or daunting (yet) especially since it is gorgeous outside. the family room of our house is lined with windows and it has felt so bright and cheery even while we are inside.

three days down. we can do this.
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