Saturday, January 2, 2010

day two.

when i asked K if she was ready to use the potty this morning she replied, "i don't want to use the potty!" great attitude regarding this whole potty training thing. very helpful.

D asked "is today church day?" right then i decided that after only one day of being home for the entire day, it was time we had our first outing.

what a gorgeous day it was, too. luckily, "airport park" -- as the kids call it -- was completely vacant (rule #5).

as you can tell, L thoroughly enjoyed the outing.

D sweetly watched the planes take-off and land.

i love this photo simply because it shows that D and K are so different from each other. like night and day different. they see the world with a very different set of eyes as K can't wait to experience life and D loves to observe the world around him. D could have sat in that exact same spot the entire time we were there while K needed to run around every so often to keep it interactive.
K got a fab purple feather boa from my sis and brother-in-law for Christmas. D liked it so much that my mom gave him his very own bright blue one. it only took him a couple of days to completely destroy it. he pulled nearly every feather off of it. that means that blue feathers have floated and rested all over the house. i am not a big fan of birds, so having these feathers flying all around has been driving me nuts. i even found them in D's bed. i did what every other mom of three would do. i used my dustbuster to suck the blue feathers off of his blue sheets.
i think i did a pretty thorough job.

one of my sisters came over to hang out and by the end of the afternoon, ended up reading at least 17 books to dear K. unfortunately for my sis, K has a particular way that each book should be read, "sing this one... don't sing this one... it's not kissing the goose, it's hugging the goose..."

meanwhile, D kept himself busy by making a clay masterpiece.

the evening ended with a rousing game of Toy Story Memory. soon enough, my sister, B and i were the only ones left playing. D was busy organizing the matching cards (i can't blame him though as he gets the desire for everything to be in order from me).
fifty-seven days to go. we can do this (i hope!). so far, i'm really enjoying the simplicity of our (two) days.
now, what to do tomorrow...
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