Tuesday, January 19, 2010

day nineteen.stuck

i feel
s t u c k
uninspired and stuck.
stuck at home.
stuck with three kids.
just plain stuck.
i don't think it's just the hibernation.
but i'm sure it has something to do with it.

after yet another rough night with L, the day started much too soon. i got dressed as most moms do - in under 2 minutes. as i was scanning the clean clothes in my closet, i saw my workout pants. although there would be no working out today, they are the closest thing i have to sweats. i decided not to throw in the towel that soon. but now, i'm sitting here smelling of spit-up from i don't even know when... noon-ish?
i'm stuck.
and, K's obsessed with band-aids.

B forgot his lunch today. he packed it up and then left it right by the front door. i figured it would be fun to take it to him. the kids and i hadn't been in the car in ages. then, it started to pour and pour and pour, but i had already told him we'd bring it. i locked the door to the house and then realized that his lunch was still inside. i easily could have driven all the way there without the lunch.
that would have been sad.
and unhelpful.

we had a cozy afternoon.

all three smiling at the same time!
this is the first time this has happened.
i wish i was exaggerating.
maybe they'll all look at the camera
smile next time.

L is starting to get the hang of eating solids (and his bibs).

we played a little wii bowling.

disappointed K, because i told her she could not have another string cheese before dinner.

a dear friend sent a wonderful activity for the kids. D worked on it for hours. and then he said he wants to do it again first thing tomorrow. sounds great to me!

a beautiful reflection i found
while taking the trash cans to the curb.

another puddle

the moon through our big tree out front.

thanks to my uber creative sis, i have this new header!
it's just as gorgeous as she is.
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