Friday, January 15, 2010

day infinity and beyond

it amazes me how all three children wake up at the exact same moment. it's as if they are each waiting anxiously in their beds until they hear the tiniest peep from one of their siblings which lets them know that it is actually okay to begin the day. then, boom, they are all
w i d e
awake and ready to start the day. there's absolutely no turning back at that point. no convincing them that the sun is barely coming up and that they should wait just a tiny bit longer to get up. that mommy could use five more minutes of sleep. in an ideal world, i would be a coffee drinker and somehow that would make the mornings much less difficult. that's what i keep telling myself anyway. unfortunately, my first two responded to my coffee test with tigger-like zeal. that means that in the last forty-nine months, i have been allowed to drink coffee for four months.
one day. one of these sweet days.

the view from our family room this morning

who doesn't put a visor on before they're dressed for the day?

L was paranoid that his sister would try to feed him his solids today. he's pretty smart because she did try.

when she wasn't allowed to feed L and once she realized that it wasn't much fun to pretend to feed a baby doll real baby cereal, she fed herself. i would love to tell you that she tried one bite and didn't want any more. but, i can't tell you that because she had two bowls of it.

here's the little man doing his puckering, kissy noise thing. he does it
all. day. long.
i am now thinking that maybe he's just practicing all day so that when he has cereal in his mouth, he can spit it out like a real champ.

two days ago, while D was singing "Jesus Loves Me" K told him to stop. D decided that was because K didn't have Jesus in her heart, so he prayed for her. i have asked her a couple of times if she wanted Jesus in her heart and she has said "nope." her stubbornness isn't surprising considering she thinks the song goes like this:

"Jesus loves me
this I know
for the Bible tells me so
little ones to... infinity and beyond!"

well, this morning, she told me that she had Jesus in her heart. then she lifted up her shirt to show me her tummy.

then D and i had an entertaining discussion on how Jesus gets into your heart. he had two theories.
you swallow Him and then he floats in your heart
He unlocks the door, runs into your house and then jumps into your heart

K didn't take a nap today. i'm wondering if it's because she's consuming so many mini m&ms throughout the day. she's making great progress in the potty training department but i now wonder if maybe i should try to reward her with something else. like a raisin! yeah... there's no way that would every go over. this girl loves her chocolate.

what a sweet couple flowers B brought me.

B and i have been craving one of our favorite desserts lately.
choco hoto pots.
i learned about these delicious treats from an Oprah show waaaay back in 2005. or 2006. doesn't matter. it was a long time ago. we finally had all of the ingredients (i tried making it last week only to realize we were out of butter and then tried again earlier this week to find that we were out of eggs!) so i knew i'd make it for us tonight. somehow, i agreed to letting D and K help me which meant that i had to make them their own teensy tiny portions. it was only fair. we prepared them before rest time/naps so that after rest time/naps they could enjoy them. i knew that if i let them have them after dinner, they'd
never. ever.
go to sleep. i have a theory that kids (mine at least) get hyper from merely the smell of chocolate baking in the oven. maybe it's just the anticipation of what they are going to soon devour. either way, when things like this are still in the oven, i regret my decision to let them have some.

after the consumption of the tasty treat, we went on a walk to try to burn off the extra sugar.

we passed a little old lady twice as we were heading in different directions around the block. both times we saw her, K was visibly afraid. she'd scream, "there's that old lady again!" and both times we crossed her path, the little old lady said to me, "boy, you sure have your hands full." i'm not sure if she thought i didn't hear her the first time or if she just forgot that she said that
exact. same. thing.
just seven minutes earlier. who knows, maybe she'll say it again tomorrow. maybe that's just her thing. i'll let you know.

i get that a lot. the "boy, you sure have your hands full" even when things are seemingly calm and all the children are behaving beautifully. maybe people just don't know what to say other than that. i take it as a compliment because it is a fact... i do have my hands full (even when they are literally empty).

one last little thing that Auntie B sent me today...
i'm glad anthro is reading my blog and adjusting their marketing accordingly.
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