Friday, January 29, 2010

day twenty nine.toto

we got a new toilet today.
a toto.
apparently, it will rock my world.
i already love that
1.) we didn't have to pay for it (thanks owners!)
2.) the lid opens and closes so quietly.
it was extremely exciting for D and K to watch it get installed.
i would have taken a photo but i was running around the house like a crazy momma trying to get the three kids out of the house for the day (which i haven't done in twenty nine days) for some other work that was to be done.

my parents have a little place they they come to on weekends, which is just up the road. it was great to have a place to go to that wouldn't require us to come into contact with the outside world.
i know that i am going to have a hard time transitioning back into real life when this hibernation thing is over. oh well, not going to think about that quite yet!

L is really taking to his pureed squash. here he is helping Papa.

K was thrilled to find out that her shirt (thanks E!) said "bella" on it. although, she calls the new dog "bewa."

my parents' place has so much modern artwork. the painting here fascinated D and i kept finding him
standing on the chair touching it.

the kids loved playing chase with bella. i think the dog was not wanting to play the game but just kept running away from them. oh well, it worked.

i tried taking a nap with L today. this photo is from when he decided it would be more fun to coo than to drift off to dreamland, even though i was
when he eventually did fall asleep, we both took a delicious nap.
i would have taken photos while he was sound asleep, but i was sound asleep... and if i took photos, then it wouldn't have been a nap, would it.

B and i got to go out on a real date tonight. we can't remember the last time we went out without even bringing L. when you can't remember a detail like that, you know it's been too long.
we had so many things to celebrate.
so many prayers answered.
we are truly blessed.
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