Thursday, January 14, 2010

day fourteen. all the single ladies

while i jetted off to my weekly Bible study
(hooray for such a wonderful break!)
my parents so kindly watched the kids.
yes, all three of them.
i know... my parents are incredible.
but, they did have four kids so three is a piece of cake
(most of the time).

D with K, about to send a paper airplane off the top bunk
(thanks to Papa for this photo!)

this afternoon, i saw K hand D a piece of airplane paper
(yes, such a special thing does exist)
she said, "i want a keeter airplane"
(maybe she's saying "paper airplane?")
so, D said, "ok what does that look like?"
and then K said, "it looks like this"
(as she stared off into the distance)

homemade popcorn
(that's right, folks... B makes it on the stove top)
we think it's best enjoyed while drinking orange juice

K waiting for Uncle J to arrive

the three kiddos on the couch
(along with baby baby doll - yes, that's her name - and the
German boy baby doll that K thinks is a girl)

D grabbing at L's six toes

her shirt says "single and fabulous" and boy is she.
thanks to my sis, Aunt WW, one of K's favorite songs to recite is "single ladies"
here is one of our favorite renditions
(thanks to Auntie B and Uncle J for introducing us to this)
for some reason whenever i sing this song, L stops crying.
it's a daily occurrence.
and it's wonderful.
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