Wednesday, January 13, 2010

day thirteen.thank you, ed

happy seventh month birthday to baby L (for real this time)!

today, L started solids for the
very. first. time.
on days like these, i'm always the one who is most excited.

he's been eying our food and drink lately, and we finally got the go ahead from the docs. i was hoping that he'd jump right in and devour the delicious baby cereal.

he was unsure of this entirely new meal option. little does he know that this single bite is going to open
so many wonderful doors for him.

spitting out, i can handle.
when D was a baby, he gagged on solids.

here he is, considering a second bite.

and the result?
a win-win for everyone!

although, he would much rather chew on his cute bib
(thanks to Aunt CC and Uncle N).

D loves art.
it's as simple as that.
a few weeks ago, i awoke in the middle of the night realizing that he was probably almost ready for ed emberley books.

yes, this a very typical and crazy thing us moms do. wake up from a deep peaceful sleep realizing we forgot to put that sippy full of milk back in the fridge seven and a half hours earlier or wondering if we ever sent off that email we drafted days prior. we wake ourselves up in the middle of the night to think about things that we can't take care of (nor should we) at that hour. i find that in the middle of the night, i can remember everything that i have forgotten to do the day prior. maybe it's the extremely peaceful house or the fact that i'm only thinking about one thing at a time at that hour.
as if we have sleep to spare.

anyway, back to ed emberley. i put three books on hold at our library and picked them up today. D spent countless
(and i do mean countless) hours drawing bugs, gorillas and sea creatures. i'm just glad that he isn't frustrated that his drawings hardly look like bugs, gorillas and sea creatures.

this afternoon as i was getting the wii set up, i looked down to notice that L grabbed the wrist strap and was snugly holding onto it. i asked D to take a picture.

here is his photo!
and i didn't even crop it, if you can believe that.
i guess you'll just have to use your imagination.

we had Nana's chicken casserole tonight (thanks, MK!)
which is a delicious family recipe.
D asked how Nana made it for us since she is in heaven.

i'm grateful to be in charge of putting L to sleep each night.
it (almost) always gets me out of putting D and K to bed. and that's a good thing too, because i seem to run out of energy and patience at nearly the moment that bedtime (finally) arrives. thanks to B for always stepping in right when i need him.

i'm off to watch this with B. we still haven't finished it! lame, i know.
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